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Post-College Plans

Like Madeline, Mitchell, and Leonard, many of us spent at least part of college–even if it was just the final semester or two–thinking about what the next steps were going to be. There are so many decisions to make at that point in our lives: what city to live in, who to live with (or to live alone), what job to take, what industry to work in, how to live as adults. And each little decision we make sets us up with a little firmer understanding of the world we’ll contribute to and our role within it. Some of the decisions we make don’t work out. Some of the most significant decisions of our early adult life aren’t in line with our plans. All of these shape who we are and what we’ll do.

What did you expect your life to look like as a college senior? How closely has your life come to matching those expectations? Join the conversation here!

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2 Responses to Post-College Plans

  1. Lauren P. says:

    I didn’t really have much of an idea what I wanted to do while I was in college. I knew I loved school, so I thought a lot about getting a PhD. I wasn’t sure I wanted to pursue a tenure track job, though, so then I focused in on residence life. I spent quite a while working on that, until I burned out on it. When I graduated I just wanted a job that contributed something good to the world. Luckily, the job I ended up was in a library. Looking at my past, I realized that a library was an obvious fit for me, so I went to get my Masters degree in Library Studies, and took that path!

  2. Molly says:

    From early in college, I knew that graduate school was in my future, but as I was still debating English versus library science as I headed into my senior year, I knew that there would be a gap between. For a time I thought I’d move back to Prague, where I’d studied my junior year. Then I entertained thoughts of being a h.s. English teacher (very good that didn’t pan out). At one point I thought of moving to Texas to live with a friend, just finding a job. But it turns out I moved home, took a retail job that would give me some weekday travel flexibility so I could scout grad school, and eventually I became a librarian!

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