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Travel! Quests for enlightenment?

In “The Marriage Plot,” Mitchell and his roommate set off for a year of travel, and some planned field work, at the end of their first post-college summer. Beginning in Paris, then meandering their way through Europe before landing in India, their travel becomes more than sightseeing and almost elevates to quests for personal enlightenment and self-discovery.

Have you ever traveled extensively, with no set route and only a loose idea of where you’d end up? If so, share your stories…we know you have them!

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6 Responses to Travel! Quests for enlightenment?

  1. Lauren P. says:

    After college, took a road trip with my now-husband. We got 30 day Greyhound bus passes and did a loop around the country. The only restriction Greyhound has is that you can’t take the same route back to where you came from. Using Greyhound was quite an adventure. It was basically 2 trips: the adventures in the cities we visited and the adventures on the bus. We could only go to cities with decent public transportation, so we hit most of the major US cities. We got familiar with the main hostels in each of them, how public transit works in different parts of the country, and how to travel without plans. We also got along really well, and we knew that if you can get along on a 30 day bus trip, you can get along together in any situation!

  2. Gretchen says:

    I traveled throughout Italy while studying abroad in the fall of 2008. (While a junior at Wake.) Some weekend trips were planned “to-a-T,” but most weekends I only knew where I was headed, not what I would do when I got there. That left opportunities for discovery and serendipity, making for memorable experiences. I remember meeting up with two best friends for a weekend in Venice – and arriving to find that our hostel was actually a campsite! That weekend ended up being full of surprises.

  3. Hu Womack says:

    In the Fall after graduation, I made a road trip from Atlanta to Seattle, spent a few weeks with a friend in Seattle and traveled back across the country, making many stops along the way and spending a week in Santa Fe. My goal was to find a job and make a go of it in a new city. That didn’t work out in the Fall of 1990. Jobs were tight and I ended up back in Georgia. A few weeks later I got a part-time job at Wake Forest. It was fun to travel without a plan, but stressful for me. I need a plan.

  4. Roy Wright says:

    Once I graduated, I spent a short time in the Army Reserve in San Antonio, TX. After that, I bought a motorcycle and spent 2 1/2 months touring the SE United States, ending up back home in Virginia and my new job. I camped out most of the time but spent a good deal of time visiting friends and old WFU buddies. Had two traveling rules: (1) never go back the way I came, and (2) never go into a big city. Every other direction I traveled was entirely random. I enjoyed the freedom of not knowing where exactly I was headed, and I was free of the pressure of being sent to Viet Nam.

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