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Wrapping up & moving on

Book endings. Sometimes we love them, sometimes we hate them, sometimes we want more, and sometimes we’re just happy to be finished (ahem, Moby-Dick!). Although Lauren and I both *loved* the ending of The Marriage Plot, believing it to be one of the best we’ve ever read in both literary execution and reader satisfaction, others have been critical. What did you think? Did Madeleine do all she could have and should have to locate Leonard? Did Mitchell’s epiphany surprise you? Did the ending allow the characters to finally move on from college into true adulthood? Tell us what you loved, hated or might have changed!

We hope you enjoyed The Marriage Plot, and if so, encourage you to listen to the author interview (last link on this page) to know more of what Jeffrey Eugenides was thinking (and how to pronounce his name).

And please plan to join us for April’s discussion of The Disappearing Spoon!

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I am late to the party. I had this week off from work so I finally had a chance to read the book! After reading all the prior comments, I am surprised no one commented on the ending…I enjoyed the book but have to confess I did not like the ending at all. Of all the possible scenarios, that was not what I expected and it did leave me a bit cold. Ultimatley I thought Leonard was a creep and was glad he was out of her life but I had trouble all along believing that Maddy stuck with him as long as she did. Her parents seemed like the heroes to me, always there to rescue the situation and pay the bills…
    Thanks for suggesting the book!

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