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Other Migrations

One question from the Reading Group Guide on Wilkerson’s site asks, “In what ways was the Great Migration of southern blacks similar to other historical migrations? In what important ways was it unique?.” This made me think about other smaller migrations we see in this country, for example, the migration of young gay people from rural communities to urban city centers. Let’s discuss other historical migrations and they are similar or different to the Great Migration of southern blacks to the North and West.

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2 Responses to Other Migrations

  1. Hu Womack says:

    My Organizational Behavior professor was fond of saying that “humans are creatures of habit, but when the pain gets bad enough we make a change.” That pain is different for everyone, but when these mass migration occur, clearly some common threshold has been met that makes it worth the struggles of migrating. I was disgusted by the accounts in this book of whites who supported Jim Crow laws and I’m still disturbed today when I see examples of “separate but equal”. It reminds me of the quote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

  2. Gretchen Edwards says:

    This seems obvious, but I think all migrations have in common a collective group looking to escape their current situation in search of “something better.” Beyond that though, migrations happen for so many other different reasons and during different time periods that it can be hard to draw parallels.

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