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Up Next, “The Casual Vacancy”

We still have another week of discussion on “The Warmth of Other Suns”, but I’ve recently started next month’s book, “The Casual Vacancy” by JK Rowling, and wanted to encourage everyone to join Scholarly Communication Librarian, Molly Keener, for the discussion next month. I’ve found “The Casual Vacancy” hard to put down. Rowlings description of small town politics, class warfare, and lost youth are captivating! Check out this review from The Huffington Post to learn more about the book.

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2 Responses to Up Next, “The Casual Vacancy”

  1. M Ghalib says:

    For almost anyone who has read the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling became ‘my favourite’ or ‘one of my favourite’ authors. But ‘The Casual Vacancy’ is not the least bit like Harry Potter. Firstly, it is an adult book. So, maybe adults will really enjoy this book but its not all that great for teenagers. The storyline is okay, not too bad, not too great. MostJK Rowling fans have already finished this book so yeah it’s way too late for my review, but i guess there are a few of you out there who yet have to read this one.

  2. Fred Fowler says:

    A good article from Huffington. I am halfway through the book and I find reassurance that the social ills and character flaws that plague this country are mirrored across the Atlantic, or at least in Rowling’s view. Early in the story she raises the question of whether poverty is a result of one’s own character, or is forced upon the masses by an inescapable system of oppression that will be perpetuated by the rich and powerful. I will be curious to see if she tries to lead us to any conclusions regarding this dilemma.

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