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Taking a break for now

We’ve enjoyed coming together over the past year to discuss some great reads with our fellow Deacs! From Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs to Eric G. Wilson’s Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck, the topics and conversation have always proved interesting. We are also thankful that we’ve had a team of knowledgeable librarians from ZSR Library to serve as our discussion guides.

The Alumni Office and ZSR Library were able to collaborate on quite a bit of alumni programming in 2012. From classes on everything from social media to eBooks, and of course, DeacsRead, it’s been an enjoyable partnership. We look forward to offering additional programming for our alumni in conjunction with ZSR throughout 2013. We’ve decided to take a break from DeacsRead for the time being in order to focus on developing that programming.

We invite you to revisit past discussions and suggest future books in the meantime. If you are particularly interested in DeacsRead, please let us know.

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  1. stylojackets says:

    lols, ye you should need now, happy new year.

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